About Us

Orchard Global brings a granular understanding of the global financial system to deliver innovative solutions for complex problems. This expertise is paired with an expansive network of relationships with the world's largest financial institutions, where the firm serves as a trusted partner to directly originate and structure products that mutually benefit these financial institutions and investors.

Orchard Global oversees a wide range of private credit strategies, including regulatory capital relief transactions, opportunistic lending and CLO investments, litigation finance, and global infrastructure debt.

Orchard Global and its predecessor entities were founded in 2008. The firm believes client relationships are built on confidence, trust, transparency, and mutually aligned interests. It seeks to develop and earn client relationships on this foundation to solve problems for leading financial institutions and pursue consistent, superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

A Truly Global Firm

Orchard Global is truly a global investment manager, operating centers of investment excellence in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore. The firm's roots are in Singapore and Toronto, where Orchard Global has offices today. Since its founding, Orchard Global has moved its headquarters to the United States, adding two offices there, while its largest office by headcount is in London. Many of Orchard Global's executive management team have experience working and living in multiple countries and continents, helping to add to the firm's global expertise and operational excellence.

Deep Expertise

Orchard Global's senior management team has worked for or held leadership positions with asset management firms, investment banks, and financial regulatory bodies. The firm's granular understanding of the global credit landscape and differing regulatory environments across markets and jurisdictions allows it to quickly detect and leverage changes in market dynamics that create opportunities from inefficiency for partners and investors.

Expansive Network

Since the Orchard Global team comes from a banking and regulatory background, the team understands the details of how financial counterparties work, and believes it is able to navigate the nuances of each financial institution partnership it develops.

Orchard Global's proven track record of working with its financial institution partners demonstrates to those same financial institutions that they can bring the firm their most difficult capital and balance sheet issues.