About Us

Orchard Global Asset Management (“OGAM”) is a global alternatives asset management firm with a focus on opportunistic fixed income and structured credit transactions in four principal market segments - bank regulatory capital solutions, specialty lending, primary and secondary collateralized obligations, and structured credit trading  - through a combination of comingled and single strategy funds.

Our mission is to earn a superior risk-adjusted return across market cycles on behalf of our clients, with an overriding focus on capital preservation. Many firms espouse risk management and capital preservation as goals, but we think our track record speaks for itself. While we are pleased that others have recognized OGAM for performance, we are proud of the fact that none of our funds has had a negative year, including in 2008, since their inception. *

Our track record is the result of a rigorously disciplined approach to investing and other factors that we believe distinguish OGAM:

A Global Perspective:

  • We have offices in Asia, Europe and North America and our principals have lived and worked around the world so we know and understand local markets
  • Our clients are a globally diverse group, including sovereign wealth funds, large public and corporate pension plans, leading foundations and endowments, and family offices
  • We partner with systemically significant financial institutions in Europe, Asia and North America enabling us to originate a diverse mix of global investment opportunities

Deep Industry Knowledge and Expertise:

OGAM is led by an experienced senior management team whose members have worked for or held leadership positions with asset management firms, investment banks, and financial regulatory bodies.

Unique Partnership Approach:

OGAM partners with systemically important global financial institutions on core and critical businesses they operate to develop innovative solutions that allow these institutions and our clients to pursue attractive investment opportunities in a changing and challenging regulatory landscape. We take a similar partnership approach with our investors, engaging them in on-going discussions about their investment objectives, and crafting investment solutions that best meet their needs.

We believe that the firm’s combination of investment, origination and structuring expertise, network of relationships with industry leaders and financial regulators, and solutions-oriented approach to working with investors and strategic partners allows us to access investment opportunities that offer superior risk adjusted returns to our clients.

* – Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results